Abnormal Alcohol: Five of the Most Bizzare Vodka Flavors On The Planet 2 min read

Bubblegum (Three Olives) Vodka



Say what? A vodka that tastes like gum?! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Finally, a vodka that lets you walk, talk, drink, and chew gum at the same time! Gentlemen, here is your chance to prove that real men drink pink.


The production process is no bubble bust. Made from the finest English wheat, the vodka achieves its curiously elegant taste through meticulous distillation and filtration.


It makes for a great conversation starter, a pretty pink shot, or a lovely cocktail; say a Cosmo?


Fruit Loops (Loopy) Vodka



Your breakfast vodka is served.


Aside from the obvious discomfort of a kid’s cereal reference, it’s a bizarre, yet intriguing concept. A clever bottle design is always appreciated. The fact that it smells exactly like the popular cereal leaves one kinda giddy; which perhaps was the whole point. While most of us won’t admit having vodka as a most important meal of the day, the naughty nature is strangely appealing. Where is my milk?


Glazed Doughnut (360 Flavors) Vodka



Ok, with high sugar cereal on board, the doughnut option can’t be far behind. Don’t blame sexting your babe on a sugar rash, as, surprisingly, it packs less sugar that an actual doughnut! Created by a brand whose other 360 flavors include bing cherry, cola, and double chocolate, it’s not surprising that doughnut flavor found its way on their “to distill” list. Amazingly reminiscent of the real deal, it functions more as a liqueur. It should make for a fun experiment when making cocktails.


PB&J (Van Gogh) Vodka



Ah… childhood memories. Now not only can you have them, you can do something about them, and in a bar! Alcohol never tasted so comforting.


Should you tune in your inner kid and decide to celebrate childhood properly, reach for PB&J Vodka. It’s all about the conscious coupling of silky smooth peanut butter and rambunctious raspberry jelly. Have a blast playing in your spirits sandbox and don’t forget to spread the fun!


Scorpion Flavored (Skorpio) Vodka



Anything that includes a “farm-raised” scorpion has to be scary delish, right? Just in time for Halloween, there’s a scorpion-infused vodka. Bonus: Serving it is a fun way to test your friends’ mettle by watching their reactions to your hostess gift.


Made from fine English single grain, distilled 5 times this clearly nutritious beverage contains an edible, enticing scorpion!


All that left to ask your date, is “Hey Babe, what’s your sign?”

Ilona Thompson

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