10 Amazing Armagnacs You’ll Be Glad You Tried 2 min read

Crafted in Gascony, just a hop and a skip away from Cognac in Southwestern France, Armagnac is a 700-year-old spirit that lives in the shadow of its more-famous cousin. Hand crafted in often small quantities, it is single-distilled from a blend of grapes that includes ColombardFolle Blanche, Baco Blanc and Ugni Blanc. Typically, Armagnac is produced by using column stills, rather than the pot stills that are used to make Cognac. It is an intensely evocative spirit that delivers a broad spectrum of flavors. This complex, nuanced spirit commands a powerful presence among aficionados and casual sippers alike.




Smells like: Warm toast, fruit gelée, tangerine peel
Tastes like: Round, supple, hints of toasty oak, citrus fruit

Sempe Napoleon Armagnac


Smells like: Tropical fruits, creamy vanilla, cocoa powder
Tastes like: Sweet fruit, caramel, robust flavors


Delord Bas Armagnac


Smells like: Creamy vanilla, walnuts, golden raisins, leather
Tastes like: Fruit forward, assertive, balanced, lovely finish


Chateau de Pellehaut Tenareze Armagnac


Smells like: Ripe plums, grapes, Asian pears
Tastes like: Rich, crisp, milk chocolate, dark berries, hint of vanilla


Darroze Armagnac Laburthe



Smells like: Caramel, hints of hazelnuts, molasses
Tastes like: Walnuts, dried apricots, plums


Samalens Bas Armagnac

Smells like: Stone fruit, forest floor, hints of spice
Tastes like: Smooth, round, golden raisins, French vanilla, toffee


Chateau de Laubade Extra Bas Armagnac

Smells like: Coffee, cocoa, licorish, honey, dried apricot
Tastes like: Nutty, toasted wood, hints of spice and tobacco


Laberdolive Bas Armagnac

Smells like: Harmonious floral notes, vanilla, toasted oak
Tastes like: Well-developed fruit; soft, round, luxurious finish


Domaine d’Esperance XO

Smells like: Honey, rich caramel, Italian plums
Tastes like: Spice, dry fruit. Quite pure.


Castarede Bas Armagnac

Smells like: Exotic spice, dry fruits, citrus blossom, leather
Tastes like: Hazelnuuts, caramel, light honey

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