Black Button: Put Some Lilac in Your Gin! 1 min read

Note: this piece originally appeared in DrinkMe Magazine


Who doesn’t love spring, with it’s fragrant, seductive aromas wafting from flowering trees? Black Button Distilling, located in Rochester, known as “The Flower City” of New York, capitalized on the abundance of locally grown resources.


A major part of the town’s identity is its annual Lilac Festival. Black Button set out to capture the essence of fresh lilacs, along with complimentary botanicals.


How did this grain-to-glass craft distillery go about it: by showcasing the local ingredients in a purest way possible.


Black Button’s Lilac Gin is made in small batches utilizing fresh, hand picked lilac petals. Only six hundred bottles will be offered starting in May at the Black Button Tasting Room. It will also be available in a limited number of stores nationwide.


Tasting note: “Subtle juniper notes intermixed with fresh floral overtones create a clean crisp gin with a fruity essence on the finish. It’s a delicate gin, meant for light refreshing cocktails.”


Price: (375ml) $19.99


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Ilona Thompson

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