Oakville, Stags Leap, and Yountville 1 min read


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When visitng Napa Valley, one has a plethora of choices as to where to imbibe, stay, and play. This premier wine region, known world-wide for its idyllic vineyards and emerald hills, offers visitors ample inspiration and near limitless options. With over five hundred Napa wineries and dozens upon dozens of dining establishments, it would take a lifetime to explore the area. To learn the most about the famous Valley, it is best to segment it into smaller parts rather than attempting to take in the entire region all at once. Luckily at the very foot of Napa Valley, there are three distinct appellations: oakville, Stags Leap and Yountville. These districs represent some of the best examples of the region’s viticultural and culinary largesse.

Ilona Thompson

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